Without a vision, people perish

The Scoop recognizes that to be neutral means to stand with the powerful. The Scoop stands with workers, marginalized communities and those who advocate for a more just and inclusive world.

The Scoop is a worker cooperative that was formed as a response to economic crisis. As an employee-run workplace, decisions are made through a democratic process. The Scoop represents an alternative to top-down economic development and we hope to become a unifying force for a city that is struggling in diverse ways.

Statement of Purpose

In an era where the mainstream press is controlled by the corporate elite, The Scoop is a proudly independent voice committed to human, civil and workers' rights, global peace, environmental sustainability, democracy and equality. The Scoop aims to provide a much-needed space for debate about our changing communities, provinces, nations and world. By encouraging a free flow of ideas and exchanges, we hope we can inspire change for a better world. The Scoop also seeks to unify the diverse voices of our community.

Submission Guidelines

Although The Scoop encourages dialogue, we seek to promote human rights including but not limited to workers, First Nations, people of colour, lesbian, gay, transgender, queer, two-spirited, veterans, and the elderly. Submissions should reflect these values. Submissions will be published at the discretion of The Scoop editorial board.

Introduction to Pensions

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